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Globalrunning.com is your specialist in running affairs over the whole world. Thanks to our many years of experience and highly skilled employees we can take care of all your running wishes or give you the perfect advise.

Globalrunning.com is your specialist who can take care of participants or spectators for a running event. Whether it’s just your stay or the transport, our staff always provides the best advice and comes up with the best solutions for your event. Besides the transport and accommodation Globalrunning.com runs the extra mile for your event. We can offer your participants many extras such as tours, excursions and breakfast, lunch or dinner packages. These are only a few examples of the wide range of possibilities we can offer you. The TCS Amsterdam Marathon is a good example of an event which was a great success for everybody of the Mizuno family. For this event we arranged the transport and accommodation for guests who were invited by Mizuno.

Globalrunning.com doesn’t only organizes transport and accommodation for companies and their guests but arranges transport and accommodation for single runners as well. We are the official travel partner of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon and we are very proud of that fact. Our guests are always very pleased when they look back on their experiences. We are pleased to offer you our services and give you a very happy feeling when you look back at your time with us!

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+3110 - 4971101